Russian DJ Inga Mauer was reportedly “beaten up” by security staff and then arrested at Helsinki’s Flow Festival. Mauer spent a day in jail.

The organizers of Flow Festival are at “a loss for words.”

The festival released a statement: “We, the three partners of Flow Festival, Suvi Kallio, Tuomas Kallio and Toni Rantanen, are still at a loss for words and very sad about the episode that happened at the Flow Festival area early Sunday morning. Inga Mauer and Marie Davidson are artists and lovely friends who Toni Rantanen booked to perform at the festival. It came to our knowledge that members of the security staff had used violence against Inga Mauer. Marie Davidson, who approached to try to help her, was inappropriately thrown out of the festival area. Even the police who came to sort out the situation acted threateningly and refused to give us any information after taking Inga Mauer to jail overnight. Flow Festival does not approve the use of violence and we were shocked and very sad to hear this. We are truly sorry for what Inga Mauer and Marie Davidson had to go through.”

Flow festival takes responsibility for this incident and claims to have video footage of the incident.

A fellow artist, Marie Davidson told Resident Advisor that she witnessed security guards holding down Inga and dragging her: “She said they violently dragged her out of the festival area because she refused to leave right away. I tried to interfere and explain that I knew her and that I wanted to help her calm down because she was extremely confused and scared. As a result, we got both put aside, in a corner, isolated from the rest of the crowd. I tried to reach out to my friend but they wouldn’t let me touch her.”

Inga has since released a statement: “I asked if I could finish eating, since it’d take only three minutes. I was cut off with a rude ‘no’. We moved away, still in a great mood and super happy that we’d finally met. As soon as I again took my fork, some other guards came to us and started shouting at us to move away. We started laughing, joking that I couldn’t get food, even if I really was starving. So, I never got to my food.”

“Two people grabbed my hands and started dragging me on the ground, as if I was a sack of potatoes. I was wearing a dress and it kept on riding up, so that everybody could see my underwear. But the guards just wouldn’t stop. My friend was in absolute shock, her boyfriend started filming the whole thing and pleading the guards to let me go. He tried to talk to them, but they barked, if he also wanted to get in trouble. So, he then better bugger off.”

“Next moment, there is five men around me, dragging me somewhere. They took me behind some fences and locked me away from my friends. I was alone. I looked like a real criminal, like I did something horribly bad. I was screaming for help and trying to get away. My knees, hell, my ass was covered with bloody scratches. It wasn’t funny anymore. I was scared.”

By Grant Albert





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