Since its emergence in 1996 Drumcode Records has had major success in releases, talent scouting and radio efforts. Owner Adam Beyer has developed a unique brand of techno that is recognized from its first 16 bars of any song. Those hard thumping drum kicks have been making the club scene dance for over 20 years. Beyer has no plans in slowing down, more than ever the spotlight is on techno and Adam Beyer is making his name and brand stand out among the best of the world.

What makes drumcode so unique? There is no doubt that their talent acquisition is top notch. In the past 5 year it has gained some of the best artist of the moment. From Alan Fitzpatrick to Jay lumen,  Drumcode has a stacked lineup of techno driven artist that have no patience for mediocre beats.

Drumcode’s new guard pushing the label to the next level of sound are…

Dense and Pika

If you are looking for punchy kicks and vibrant sounds that will make your spine tingle. Look no further, Dense and Pika bring have been bring the heat in the techno world. The two track EP “Going Down” released in Drumcode is a mind twisting and body moving adventure from the first kick drum to the last high hat. These guys consistency put out bone crushing techno that every DJ loves.

Layton Giordani

The New York born, but now EU based producer released an album early in 2017 with drumcode. The industrial yet dreamy sound that is recognized throughout his debut album on drumcode has let Giordani gained recognition from techno pioneers. Prior to his album release he had  multiple releases on Adam Beyer’s other label True Soul and is surely going to play a prominent role in the labels future.

Vinicius Honorio

This brazilian producer which is now also UK based has released music in the past on labels such as Pig&Dan Elevate and Dubspeeka’s Skeleton, It was only natural that Drumcode has taken him under their wing for this banging EP called “Through The Darkness”. Through each track Honorio shows off his talented production and attention to detail as he embraces his dark sound and bringing to the dance floor.

Enrico Sangiuliano

Some of Drumcodes latest huge releases have come from the italian producer Enrico Sangiuliano. After a masterpiece remix of Moby’s of ‘Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad’ back in November last year, Enrico went into hiding in the studio and delivered an amazing two track EP. The  track ‘Astral Projection’ is a captivating, big room techno that delivers a unique punch alongside a moving crisp percussion. Head honcho Adam Beyer has been slaying the dance floor with Sangiuliano tracks in the past couple of months and he has been their biggest hitmaker as of late. 


Writtern By: Nick Fierro





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