Brand new manhattan nightclub, Flash Factory, opens its doors with an action packed lineup of headliners.  The club was scheduled to open this past saturday but the mega storm forced them to move it up to this weekend.  Upcoming bookings include Jamie Jones, Circez D , Tiga and many more.

At a time where almost all of the underground community is entirely in Brooklyn, Michael Satsky and Brian Gefter , best known of Provocateur fame,  aim to change that. The theme seems to be a nod to one of the most legendary clubs in history, the Limelight.

“Dance music is a religious experience. It connects people,” says Satsky, 37.  “But I don’t know where to go to a proper techno show in New York, and I’m not interested in consistently going to Brooklyn.  Manhattan has everything to offer already, so why not have the best music hall in Manhattan?”

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