New York promoter Thomas Dunkley has “voluntarily” resigned as a talent buyer at Schimanski ,the new club in the former verboten space,  after beng pressured online for his political views. Yesterday he posted a Pro Donald  Trump Facebook post on his personal page and was met with a massive backlash . Some DJ’s booked at the venue vowed to cancel their gigs because Thomas expressed his support for Donald Trump.


This is an unprecedented attack on freedom of speech to silence someones political views in the dance industry . He was faced with giving the club a “black eye” and stepped down with dignity to avoid the club taking any more heat. The DJs that cancelled are “Umfang” and “The Long Count Cycle” with artist “Turtle Bugg” Pilling on the pressure in the comments section. Reports from his page suggest that what he posted wasn’t actually racist or offensive but did adamantly support the President Elect Billionaire .


Thomas has since deleted his post and posted an apology that was met with many of the NYC’s Dance industry voicing support of Thomas.

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