The Sale of Verboten was fully confirmed today curing 2 objections with a closing date of July 31. The Winning bidder Eddie Dean of Pacha NYC fame won the space for 1.2 million. The Auction was conducted in $25,000 increments and he beat out the back up bidder Michael Annunziata of Snap Music Group with a bid of 1.175 million on July 18th. Other participants of the auction included Louis Puig of Space miami Fame (he did not partake in the bidding) and ex verboten investor Brian Mcguiness who bid $600,000. 


There were 2 objections filed , one by the landlord and one by the owner of the club’s Martin Soundsystem. The Landlord’s needs were met and the sound-system was given back to the secured creditor in the case , giving Eddie Dean the lease clear of any blemishes. 


Dean plans to maintain “the creative ethos of Brooklyn” that will be an “an outpost for the global dance music scene.”The space has an approx. 6 year lease for Eddie Dean & co. and it will be interesting to see if he goes with a concept similar to pacha or something more underground like verboten.



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